Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Schedule

Hi Teacher Friends!

We've been very busy this week in third grade. We have been learning about rocks and fossils in science. I have lots of pictures to share of the projects we've been doing with that. We are also finishing up our addition chapter in math.

I thought I'd stop in for a quick post tonight and give you a peek at our daily schedule. This is a very rough schedule and it's not uncommon for us to change our plans on the spot. I try to stick as close to this as possible.

8:30- Kiddos start arriving and go to breakfast. After breakfast, they start their morning work, which is a math and reading common core practice page. Here's a link to the math one:

9:00- Announcements, Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner and School Pledge

9:05- We work together to go over the common core sheets mentioned earlier

9:20- Restroom break

9:25- Whole group Language Arts from the Wonders reading series

10:40- Specials (PE, library, music or keyboarding)

11:20- Read Aloud

11:35- Lunch

12:05- Recess

12:40- Checklist work and small group reading. Most kids work on a weekly checklist while I have guided reading with small group. The checklists usually include practicing spelling words in various mediums, writing in journals, reading silently, doing comprehension worksheets and taking AR tests. The kids have all week to finish the checklists. I usually only get to one or two guided reading groups each day.

1:10- Cursive. Yes, I know it's not  on common core. But we still like to expose them to it. It's not for a grade, we only do a few lines a day, and they absolutely LOVE it.

1:20- Math. We're using McGraw Hill My Math and I am so obsessed with it

2:20- Science or Social Studies

2:50- Daily Points. OWL binders, pack up

3:05- Read Aloud

3:15- Dismissal

Well that's our crazy day. It took a few weeks, but we've finally settled into a routine and it feels so nice. I also do two or three brain breaks throughout the day. I'll put on a song like Tooty Tah and we dance. Fridays are the kids' favorite brain break days because we do the Cha Cha Slide for one of them.

Know what else my kids like? That silly little Geico Hump Day commercial. On Wednesdays, if we are quiet and responsible all day, we watch that video in the last few minutes before dismissal. I hope all of YOU had a great Hump Day too!

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